Live The Pirate Life! Get Your Pirate Rewards Card.


There’s nothing like the rich rewarding experience of collecting points and getting free booty from the Lazy Pirate Sports Grill.


In the Pirate Life, it’s all about the booty! The Lazy Pirate is always giving back to our members and lavishing them with all kinds of treasure! Free food, drink, gift cards, vacations, beach cruisers, paddle boards, music passes, community perks, and tons of exclusive offers. The prizes are constantly rotating in and out of our pirate chest so check back often to see what’s available. Come aboard for the adventure of a lifetime!

How to Sign Up:
You can be sailing in no time. To join the crew and get your card, please visit us in person. Registration is quick and easy and the best part is it’s FREE. After all, pirates don’t pay- they plunder!

How to Earn Points:
The exchange rate between US dollars and Pirate dabloons always seems to favor the pirate. Go figure. There are plenty of ways to add dabloons to your pouch. When you sign up, we’ll throw you 100 dabloons to get you started. Every time you spend a dollar at our restaurant, you’ll get 10 dabloons. We like to throw out free dabloons to our facebook followers often, so be sure to check our site daily.

How to Claim Your Booty:
All plundering must be done in person during our hours of operation. It’s first come first serve, so if you know there’s something in our chest you like don’t hesitate to claim it.

Are you ready to join the Pirate Life?
Ask any server for a Pirate Life Card application. It’s easier to fill out than a tax form and a whole lot more rewarding!