Live The Pirate Life! Get Your Pirate Rewards Card.


There’s nothing like the rewarding experience of collecting points and getting free booty from the Lazy Pirate Sports Grill.

In the Pirate Life, it’s all about the booty! The Lazy Pirate is always giving back to our members with $5 credit for every $100 spent. Let your Pirate Card balance build for use later to spend on delicious Lazy Pirate food and drink! Or perhaps you earn for some of our Lazy Pirate couture—awesome tees and other swag from the ship’s wardrobe collection.

How to Sign Up:
You can be earning Pirate Bucks in no time. To join the crew and get your card, please visit us in person. Registration is quick and easy and the best part is it’s FREE. Now that’s true Pirate plunder!

How to Earn Points:
Every time you visit The Lazy Pirate and dine on our great food or imbibe on hearty drink, present your Pirate Life card to earn your points. Before you know it, you’ll be wealthy and wise, Pirate style.

How to Claim Your Booty:
All plundering is done when you present your Pirate Life Card and tell your server to “take it out of my card balance” or you can say “I’m going to plunder my booty”, but you may have to explain you want to use your credits. Nonetheless, your purchase is on us up to the full credit on your card. Hold onto your card, even if your balance reaches zero. You can start rebuilding value with your very next purchase.

Are you ready to join the Pirate Life?
Ask any server for a Pirate Life Card application. It’s easier to fill out than a tax form and a whole lot more rewarding!